Affiliation No : 2345/230025



Mr Dinesh Thakur
Principal, ARPS(H) Diphu

Principal Message

We al know that education is continuous process of learning. Again overall development of a child depends very much on school education. Looking after the children at this age and stage is similar as looking after small plants by a gardener. As such, it is needless to say that you have a greater role and responsibility in developing the career of your child as well as making him/her a good citizen of the ‘Nation’ and all, a ‘man’ to be able to survive in this challenging world of competition with pride and honour. So, I earnestly request you to look after the following aspects:

(a) Forming a habit of regular study.

(b) Providing study materials and writing materials.

(c) Assisting and guiding in home work and assignments.

(d) Creating aptitude in learning by educative environment.

While doing so it is important to remember that the child is not overburdened and his/her individually and originality is not suppressed. A child requires frequent counselling. In case of any change in the activity of your child you are welcome for discussion so that we both can do our best for all child.

With regards.